January Newsletter

Dear au pairs and host families,

Happy 2017!

May it be bright and healthy for all of you!

Holidays are over, and kids will be back at school soon. Back to school means back to regular schedule and routines. It is always good to start new year organized and to provide au pairs with a detailed schedule each week to avoid miscommunication about time off and on duty hours. It is also a good idea to keep in mind au pair’s class schedule and meeting schedule so this way it will allow both sides to plan work and free time accordingly.



December meeting

Thank you to everyone who came to the Christmas party and very big thank you to the Westney host family for hosting it at their house. I hope you all enjoyed it and had fun. I sure did!

IMG_9736      IMG_9728 IMG_9737



CCAP logo in the know

In an effort to keep everyone on the same page, I periodically send out an update to all families and au pairs regarding recent questions or areas of confusion.  If you have a question or helpful piece of feedback, please do not hesitate to bring it to my attention so that we can make sure that everyone can benefit from the information and everyone can be “In The Know”.

 As you might have noticed, there have been some recent changes in regards to LCC covering area. Cultural Care has hired several new LCCs in the area and it change the Sandy Springs group. Those host families that live in Sandy Springs were moved from my group to Melanie Oberlander’s group.

If any of you have more questions about this, please let me know.



Just a reminder – Please save the following dates for the monthly au pair meetings:

 JanuarySunday, January 22nd at 1:30pm. We will go ice-skating at Marietta Ice Center.

February – please save the date, Saturday, February 18th. Time and place will follow later.



Since I was too lazy and did not post anything since October I would like to acknowledge some birthdays from the previous months as well. I hope you all enjoyed your special day here in the USA.

Happy Birthday wishes in October to Marta !

Happy Birthday wishes in November to Louise, Grecia, Kath, and Noemi !

Happy Birthday wishes in January to Linnea!

Best wishes to all of you!

happy b-day


Departures and Arrivals


Please welcome and reach out to our new au pairs:

Our latest addition to our group is Valentin from France.

He arrived just before the holidays, so please reach out to him and welcome him to our group!

Most of you already have met the au pairs who have arrived in November, but here is the shout out to them as well!

Bia from Brazil and Maggy from Austria arrived in November.

In Janaury we will welcome:

Hannah from Germany

And in February we will welcome:

Andreza from Brazil

Evelin from Brazil

Lookpla from Thailand

We wish you all very successful au pair year!


We are saying good-bye to Sarah who moved on to a different state and to Leona who is going home after her successful au pair adventures.


Tuesday, 3 January 2017 3:45 PM


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