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Can you believe it’s middle of the summer already? Lots of fun things to do around town with the kids, as well as spend that free time with friends. Check out some free or cheaper events at Atlanta on the Cheap.

Most likely May was a busy month for everyone but June and July might be even busier when school is out, summer camps are in session, summer sports sessions are going and longer-term vacations come into play.  While the summertime is a favorite time for many families, it can also present a bit of a challenge when it comes to 45 hours each week. For some families it might not be enough and for others too many. However, it is important to understand that we still have to follow the rules which means that au pair cannot work more than 45 hours a week. Also, if the kids are spending more time during the day at activities or camps than they would during the school year, the au pair cannot be asked to take on more housekeeping responsibilities to compensate for this change in schedule.  We want to make sure that everyone has a great summer, but the rules of the program still apply.


The Holiday is around the corner – Americans will celebrate the 4th of July, the Independence Day. I hope that all au pairs can join the families and experience the American culture with their celebration and hopefully some fireworks. You can check out the Atlanta events website for some celebration and Firework options. Here is another source for the celebration events Access Atlanta.


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Since many families will be going on vacation during this summer and might be bringing au pair along, it is important to make sure it is a great gateway for everyone involved.

One of the best ways to secure a stress-free experience for everyone is to be really clear on expectations regarding the role the au pair will play during that week. Please discuss all the details before finalizing the plans.  There can be misunderstandings regarding responsibilities, specifically financial, which can be avoided if they are discussed prior to departure.  While neither the au pair nor the host family may have thought of these things ahead of time, here’s a convenient checklist if you have any upcoming getaways planned.


  • Is the au pair expected to work any hours during the vacation week?

If yes, what will the schedule look like for the week?

When will the au pair be on duty/off duty each day?


  • If the au pair is working that week, it is clear that her transportation, hotel, food, and entrance fees (for activities she is required to be at) are covered.
  • If the au pair is working that week, are there additional costs that he/she should be prepared for such as entrance fees or other expenses for activities that the family may imagine he/she may want to do on his/her own during free time?
  • If the au pair is not working that week, is the family offering to cover any expenses?  Airfare, rental car, hotel, food, entrance fees, etc.


  • Are there limitations on where the children are allowed to go with the au pair while on the vacation?
  • Are there rules related to what, if any, room charges are allowed if they are at a hotel?
  • Are there budgetary restraints so that when the au pair is joining the family for a meal he/she knows to order accordingly?
  • According to the Department of State au pair must have her/his private room if he/she is joining the family for vacation.
  • Can au pair use the car when off duty? If so, are there any limitations?

Taking a vacation can be just what the doctor ordered, but not doing this work ahead of time can lead to a real headache and make you want to take a vacation from your vacation!

If any of you have other great tips regarding vacation time with au pairs, I will gladly add them to the list.

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Departures and Arrivals

As you know we have many new arrivals already and still some more coming

Sandra from Austria, arrived May 13th

Agostina from Argentina, arrived May 13th

Signe from Denmark, arriving July 9th

Andrea from Mexico, arriving July 15th

Laryssa from Brazil, arriving July 22nd

Hannah from Germany, arriving July 29th

Linnea from Sweden, arriving July 29th

Vera from Germany, arriving July 29th

Louise from Denmark, arriving August 8th

Please welcome them all to Atlanta!

We wish you all very successful au pair year!

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We are saying good by to Isabell, Anne and Emily who are going home after their successful au pair adventures.

Also, please wish Max a great extension year in California!


June and July Birthdays!

Happy Birthday wishes in June to Amira, Sandra, Renee, and May!

Happy Birthday wishes in July to Bew, Veronika, and Melissa !

Best wishes to all of you and enjoy your day!




Just a reminder – Please save the following dates for the monthly au pair meetings:

  • June – Please save the date: Saturday, June 25th.  Asahi Japanese Steak House at 4:30pm.
  • July – Please save the date: Saturday, July 16th.  Pool party at 2pm. Details and address will be sent via email.
  • August –please save the date: Saturday- August 13th. Details will follow

P.s. if any of you have a great idea for a monthly meeting please let me know. All ideas are considered. Dates could change if we agree to do something fun that is not available on the dates I picked. Friends are always welcome


Big Thanks!

Big thanks to Cultural Care host mom Lisa for taking me out to the Fox to see “Beautiful. The Carole King Musical”.

We had a great time and enjoyed the show.



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